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  • Aussies are control freaks who don't do spontaneity

    New research shows work and routine rule over fun and adventure

    lastminute.com.au launches new travel inspiration game Cards of Spontaneity

    Australia, Sydney, 17 November 2016 - Have you ever done a #shoey at a party in Mykonos with someone you met online? Or salsa danced down the Champs-Élysées in Paris with your lover? The answer is probably ‘no’ because Aussies surprisingly prefer the predictable over the priceless, according to new research. But thanks to the Cards of Spontaneity by lastminute.com.au, inspiration is now in the palm of your hands.

    lastminute.com.au’s Cards of Spontaneity asks players to pick up one card from each of the three colour categories until you’ve cooked up the most epic trip imaginable. The categories include ‘I wish I could’, ‘At’ and ‘With’ and are designed to encourage Aussies to start thinking outside the holiday box labelled ‘bleeding obvious’.

    And of course there’s no smoke without fire – or in this case, no cards without reason. New consumer research from lastminute.com.auhas found Aussies aren’t being spontaneous because 52% said work gets in the way (yawn!) and 62% love routines (boring!), with women (58%) the main offenders.  

    It also seems that spontaneity that requires a passport is a little bit daunting for us Aussies. Nearly three quarters (72%) of the nation would be more inclined to take a spontaneous trip as long as it is a domestic one – really? Not even to Bali?

    The silly season is also filled with more festive fear than festive cheer for Aussies, with more than half of the nation (51%) saying they would prefer to escape big yearly events such as the office Christmas party. So whether it’s that classic moment of telling your boss what you really think, or you’ve taken your impromptu dance moves too far, over two in three (70%) Aussies would prefer to avoid either scenario all together by taking a trip out of town.

    Sarah King from lastminute.com.au said, “The best trips are the most spontaneous ones. The kind which make you break routine and live in the moment. If you’re trying to avoid the silly season madness, or you just take pleasure in giving your friends major social media envy, it’s time to escape the daily grind and take that one last minute getaway for the year”.  

    For more information or to try your hand at Cards of Spontaneity, visit www.facebook.com/lastminute.com.au and share your legendary combination for your chance to win a lastminute.com.au travel experience.

    How to play Cards of Spontaneity

    lastminute.com.au has developed Cards of Spontaneity, a bespoke card game designed to inspire Australian’s to have brag-worthy, spur-of-the-moment holidays. Pick up one card in each colour (I wish I could…, at…, with…) until you’ve cooked up the most epic trip imaginable. Take a photo and share it, tagging lastminute and your unsuspecting travel buddy along with the #livelastminute hashtag. Or, if you have the guts, just go all in and book it. Wild decisions make great stories.  



    Notes To Editor

    Research was conducted by Pure Profile on behalf of lastminte.com.au on a sample size of 1,000 Australians in November 2016.

    Remember! This game is supposed to give you a laugh. lastminute.com.au will not be responsible for anyone who takes this game seriously, breaks the law or cops loss or injury as a result. See our full terms and conditions: www.lastminute.com.au/cards-official-rules


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