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    According to lastminute.com.au research, the tradition of ‘chucking a sickie’ appears to be alive and well in Australia, with one in four (25%) people admitting to claiming sick leave the day before, or the day after a long weekend - in order to extend a public holiday long weekend away.

    The ‘Living lastminute’ survey of 3300+ Aussies, showed that younger workers (Gen Y) are the most likely to take a fake sickie, with more than one in three (35%) being cheeky enough to shun the office at the last minute for an extended long weekend away.

    In comparison, baby boomers appear to be the most honest when it comes to claiming sickies, with only 19% having taken a sick day in order to extend a public holiday weekend, while one in four (25%) of 35 to 54 year olds have enjoyed a long weekend away at the expense of their employer.

    lastminute.com.au travel expert, Kate Norris, commented: “lastminute.com.au’s research shows many Aussies are pretty cheeky when it comes to extending their public holiday weekends.

    “We’ve had people tell us they’ve told their employers they’re sick, or stuck, while in reality they’re ducking and weaving the office everywhere from their poolside holiday locations in Fiji, Thailand, Tasmania or the Gold Coast, and some even taking a luxe five-star hotel, and lapping up room service in a ‘staycation’ their own city.  

    “We recommend using your allocated annual leave if you want to extend a long weekend, guilt free, and without the worry of a colleague seeing your holiday selfies on social media. 

    “With the October long weekend around the corner in most Australian states, it’s not too late to take a sneaky break  - with or without an extra leave day – and take advantage of lastminute.com.au’s accommodation and flight deals”.

    According to lastminute.com.au some of the most creative – and cheeky - excuses ‘lastminute’ travellers have used when ‘chucking a sickie’ to extend a long weekend include:

    • I sprinted on the hotel gym’s treadmill and called my boss ‘from the emergency room’ having an asthma attack
    •  I wanted to stay longer in Tasmania. So I wrapped my ankle in a bandage and dabbed some food coloring on my leg to make it look ‘bruised’ and sent a picture to my boss saying I wouldn’t be able to make my flight and had to rest my leg for a few days.
    • I said my flight got cancelled due to bad weather, however in reality I was in the bathroom of a bar the night I was supposed to fly back home.
    •  I called while lying by the pool of the resort I was staying at to say we had car issues and I had to wait while they ordered parts (which would take a few days, plus the two days it would take to drive back!). My employer was worried for me and really happy to see me when I returned from my extra three days of bliss.
    •   I was on a tropical island celebrating my fiancée's birthday, so I hid in the closet to muffle all of the party sounds coming from the room.
    •  I called my boss and said I had a migraine. However, really I was in my luxe hotel bed still ordering room service.

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    * Results based on to lastminute.com.au’s 2015 ‘living lastminute’ survey of 3300+ Australians.