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  • Aussies confess their ‘weird’ flight attendant requests

    The dream job of being a flight attendant may have its perks, however according to lastminute.com.au research, it also has its quirks, with many Aussies admitting to asking bizarre requests of flight attendants, ranging from foot massages to finding long lost relatives while mid-air.  

    The lastminute.com.au ‘Living lastminute’ survey of 3300+ Australians revealed that although only 6 per cent of people admitted to having a ‘weird’ request while flying, but of those, 79 per cent actually had their unusual desire granted.

    Some of the more interesting requests Aussies admit to asking of the cabin crew include:

      "I asked the flight attendant to give me a foot massage as I was getting cramps in my toes and I couldn’t do it myself"

     “I told the flight attendant my three year old son would cry if they didn’t make him bacon and eggs in the middle of the night” (while flying first class)

    • “I asked the flight attendant to reveal the seat assignment of a passenger with my rare last name, which I discovered by accident at check-in. They did and it turned out to be a distant relative I’d never met”

    • “I wanted to know the name of the flight attendants’ perfume. She ended up giving me the bottle to keep!”

     “I asked a Qantas flight attendant for some of the crew’s Vegemite -  they gave it”.

    • “I asked for the endless supply of the airlines ‘secret’ two minute noodles which you can request that aren't on the menu”

    • I asked for assistance to get an eraser out of my child's nose”

    • “The name of the passenger in seat 3D. The flight attendant connected us and we ended up going out for a while!”

    • “I asked an attendant to surprise my partner with birthday cake. They were really helpful and packaged it into her meal. To make up for not having candles, they sang over the PA system”

     I asked for help getting my husband's boots off on a long flight. He ignored my advice to wear slip-on or lace up shoes and wore long boots pull-on boots. His feet swelled up on the flight and his boots would not come off without a lot of assistance from the flight attendant”

     “I asked if I could not sit next to a male in business class - as they can snore very loud”

     lastminute.com.au spokesperson, Kate Norris said the insights showed that at times, flight attendants really do go above and beyond to meet challenging customer requests.

    “The customer admissions show cabin crew certainly go the extra mile for passengers, from being a match-making service, to giving away their perfume and even surprising customers with a birthday song over the PA system.  

    “We loved learning of these etiquette-challenging situations. Personally, I have seen first hand some of the interesting situations flight attendants have to deal with.

    “Once on a six hour flight from Brisbane to Perth, I witnessed a flight attendant having to diplomatically ask an enthusiastic passenger to stop singing at the top of his voice, as it was very distracting to the other passengers on board”.

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    *Results according to lastminute.com.au’s ‘Living lastminute’ May 2015 survey of 3300+ Australians.