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  • Get out of here: Travel is the best post breakup medicine

    Forget drowning your sorrows in bed, watching sad movies and eating icecream, according to a survey of 4100+ Australians by lastminute.com.au one in four (25%) people have booked a last minute holiday following a relationship breakup; with most people choosing to travel solo and many returning home feeling empowered.

    Of those who decided to take a sponataneous holiday to celebrate their new status, one in two (48%) took ‘time out’ and travelled solo, over one in three (35%) decided to enjoy a partying holiday with friends, 8% went to find a rebound romance, while just 3% decided to visit a yoga retreat. 

    Travelling has clear benefits for the newly single, with over one in three (34%) individuals stating it made them feel empowered and almost one in three (30%) believing it gave them a fresh start.

    While a lucky 4% managed to score a rebound romance and fall in love with again with someone new, sadly 8% of travellers felt more alone then ever.

    According to lastminute.com.au spokesperson Kate Norris, the research also shows that age is no barrier to post breakup travels, with the trend fairly consistent across those surveyed aged 18 to 54+.

    “Travel is the ultimate way to escape reality and leave the stresses of the world behind, so it makes sense that taking a spontaneous break is a desirable post breakup remedy across generations.  

    “However the type of holiday they are likely to take does vary. Gen Y’s (those aged 18 to 35 years) are more likely to cure breakup blues by a partying holiday with friends, while those aged 35+ are significantly more likely to opt for solo travel.

    “Whether it’s salsa dancing through Barcelona, shopping up a storm in Hong Kong, or enjoying the incredible scenery on a hike in New Zealand, packing up your suitcase and booking a last minute holiday is the ultimate opportunity to enjoy a fresh start and get out of your comfort zone.

    “Although newly singles are choosing a range of holiday types from solo, to party style and yoga retreats, the high percentage of singles opting to do it solo is consistent with lastminute.com.au data on solo travel, which shows that overall one in three Australian’s have, or plan to travel alone in 2015”.

    lastminute.com.au top five places to celebrate singledom:

    Go WILD in Queenstown, New Zealand: Be inspired by Reese Witherspoon’s character Cheryl Strayed in the latest Hollywood hit WILD and enjoy the peace and serenity of a hiking holiday. New Zealand’s South Island is a little closer to Australia than where the film is set in Oregon, USA and has plenty of incredible hiking day trips nearby to the adventure capital of Queenstown. 

    Party in Las Vegas: The perfect destination for all of the party animals, after all what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. From the Summer pool parties, to the endless nightclubs, celeb spotting and retail therapy, Vegas is the place to let loose and leave reality behind.

    Eat Pray Love in BaliPack your bags and escape, relax and rejuvenate on the island of the gods. Practice yoga daily, enjoy massages and visiting temples; or just sitting by the pool enjoying sunshine and cocktails. Bali is an island where you can do as much or as little as you like.  

    Salsa dance your way through Barcelona, Spain: Spice up your life and book a last minute ticket to Barcelona, the salsa dancing capital of Europe. Enjoy the endorphin rush and fun of dancing with the locals while doing something completely out of your comfort zone. Plus, don’t miss the enjoyment of discovering quaint laneway Spanish tapas bars and feasting on local specialties and authentic sangria.

    Get lost in the streets of Hong KongThis is the destination for all of the foodie lovers and shopaholics. Hong Kong buzzes with big city mega malls, local markets and independent boutiques. Once you are all shopped out, taste test your way around the island enjoying local delicacies such as  handmade dumplings, sweet buns and dim sims. If you really feel like spoiling yourself, dress up and book in for an elegant afternoon tea at the world-famous The Peninsula Hotel.

    * Results based on lastminute.com.au’s 2015 survey of 4100+ Australians. 

    Visit www.lastminute.com.aufor more information or contact pr@lastminute.com.au.