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  • One in four Aussies have booked a holiday after getting social media FOMO

    Uploading a sun-kissed holiday selfie doesn’t just result in a few facebook ‘likes’, according to lastminute.com.au data*, which shows one in four (25%) Australian’s have booked a holiday after getting ‘FOMO’ seeing a friend’s travel photos on social media.

    According to the 2015 survey, of 4100+ Australian’s: 

    Generation Y is most likely to turn their social media scrolling into action, with over one in three (37%) people aged 18 to 34 years admitting they have booked a trip after getting social media envy. Of those, 29% went to the same destination as their social media friend and 57% went ‘somewhere even better’.

    For Generation X, one in five (20%) Aussies aged 34 to 54 years have booked a trip after getting FOMO, with 30% going to the same destination as their social media friend and 51% visiting ‘somewhere even better’.

    As for the Baby Boomers (aged 54+), one in ten (10%) have booked a trip after getting social media envy. Of those, 34% booked a trip to the same destination as their social media friend, 44% booked a trip to ‘somewhere even better’.

    lastminute.com.au spokesperson, Louise Ryan, says there is no denying how powerful social media is at triggering wanderlust, in particular for those aged 18 to 34 years, who are also the most frequent users of social media according to the research.

    “Gen Y’s are also most likely to login to social media while travelling, with 88% of those aged 18 to 34 years checking-in, compared to 70% of those aged 35 to 54 years, and 47% of people aged 54+”.

    “Plus, of those, Gen Y spend the most amount of their holiday time on social media, with 56% of respondent spending half an hour a day or more, tweeting, instagramming or catching up on Facebook.

    “It’s no wonder people are so motivated to book their own travels. We don’t just get to listen in envy to our friends holiday stories on their return. We live, in real-time, through their holiday snaps of tropical turquoise waters, cocktails at sunsets and delicious local delicacies. 

    “Personally, I have found browsing social media a fantastic way to discover new places, be inspired by my friends adventures, jump on last minute travel deals and of course, grow that never ending bucket list”. 

    More Research Findings:

    • Australians aged 18-34 years are most likely to be guilty of ‘photo-shopping’ or Instagram filtering their travel pictures prior to sharing them on social media. With 43% doing so, followed by 18% of people aged 35 to 54 and 5% of people 54+.
    • 81% of people use Facebook to load travel updates, followed by Instagram (11%) and Twitter (1%)
    •  Over one in ten (13%) of people admit their travel partners get annoyed with them for spending too much time on social media while holidaying. 
    • 21% of Australian’s have never heard of a selfie stick. 

    *According to lastminute.com.au’s 2015 Travel + Lifestyle Report which surveyed 4100+ Australians. 


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